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Some common questions from community users

Can OPENEX be used in any country?

OPENEX is just the front-end interface of the open protocol. As long as the network in your country can access these open protocols, you can use OPENEX. You can also use any WEB3 interface or command line program to access these open protocols.

How should I backup my wallet?

After creating a new wallet, please check your mnemonic phrase in the backup interface. Try to back it up by hand on paper. Using photos or electronic notes may be leaked due to cloud backup.

How do I invite my community members?

In the team interface, each user will have a unique invitation link. Please use this invitation link to invite your community members. The more members you invite, the easier it is to get more airdrop rewards.

If I forget my 6-digit password or lose my private key, can you help me recover it?

Sorry, it cannot be recovered. The 6-digit password and mnemonics are only recorded on the local device and there is no cloud backup.

How to develop in the OPENEX ecosystem?

Please refer to the developer documentation and connect to the test network to start. You can also connect to other blockchain networks connected to OPENEX for development. These networks have the characteristics of high speed and low gas fees, which can greatly reduce your development costs.