OpenEX provides users with a better trading experience by providing apps, trading protocols and more efficient public chains.

What drives OPENEX?

Community first, openness and innovation are the values of OPENEX.

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Open Source

All protocol codes are open source and audited by multiple security companies.

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We continually innovate and introduce new features and strategies to elevate user's trading proficiency.

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We are committed to providing a secure platform with 100% open data.

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Community Driven

We prioritize our community users in everything we do, enabling them to constantly stay ahead and do more with crypto.

Our mission

We are committed to providing an open, trustworthy,  and transparent platform, making crypto accessible and friendly to everyone.

We aim to build a gateway for the next billion crypto users of the AGI era.

Our story

OPENEX grew up with the community and created an open and innovative new generation trading platform for the crypto community based on the wishes and needs of community users.

With the advancement of AI technology, we have integrated AI capabilities into our products, forming an innovative collaboration model that uses AI capabilities to assist community wishes. Create a better crypto trading experience for the AGI era.

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Initial Announcement

Since 2022, OPENEX has been proposed by the community for the design ideas and concepts of an open and efficient trading platform.


Infraestructure Development

The community spontaneously held design discussions and gradually grew, and technical teams from the community gradually began to try to develop the infrastructure.

2024 Q1

aLPHA Release

In the first quarter of 2024, the LONG testnet and OEX App were released, and the number of active users quickly exceeded 3M.

2024 Q2

Official Launch

Added support for more high-speed mainnets to provide users with a better trading experience.

Partners and Backers

The number of partners and supporters is increasing rapidly.