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Building an open gateway for crypto users in the era of AGI.

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More than a typical crypto wallet

OEX App is more than just a web3 wallet, it provides and supports ultra-high-speed blockchain to enhance the DApp experience.

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Send & Receive

Contains the basic asset management functions of web3 wallet to find better assets.

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OPEN Charts

All transaction data can be queried through the blockchain browser.

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Supports embedding a variety of native Mini-DApps to make the user experience better.

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Real Time Trading

Supports ultra-fast blockchains to improve transaction speed and significantly reduce the risk of MEV attacks.

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A crypto app from the future

Through support for high-speed blockchain, the transaction response speed is improved to the level of centralized applications, while gas costs are greatly reduced.

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Lowest fees in market
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Fast and secure transactions
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256-bit secure encryption

Built on a robust and powerful platform

Open protocol, ultra-fast speed, ultra-low gas fees, and EVM compatibility for seamless dApp migration.

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100% Open data
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99.99% Uptime guarantee
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24/7 AI support
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Try the future, today.
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Download the OEX pre-release version now for priority use and experience. Start developing and testing your dApp on OpenEX today.

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What our users say?

“Appreciate your transparency on the community benefit distribution. It's a critical balance to maintain between institutional support and community interests.”

Nehemia Bett
Architect of Digital Possibilities

“It's great to see #OEX engaging the community on such an important topic balancing the needs of institutional investors and the community can be challenging but transparency and open communication are key. ”

shariaer islam
an avive citizen

“I believed in OEX is a project with mission, vision, plan and way of alternative, I also believed that in this circumstance no cryptocurrencies like OEX /SATOSHI.
Thank you Nakamoto, for being the reason of our happiness.”

Comrd Yusha'u Shanga
Kebbi, Nigeria

“OpenEx is changing the narrative and we the community are hopeful.”

Eagerly Waiting Patiently

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The iOS version is currently in testflight testing status. If you want to experience it, please send an email to apply.

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Download for Android

It is recommended to only download the Android version through the Google Play Store, and please do not install APK files from unknown sources.

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